Fast Forward Property Investor – Group Coaching

$880.00 Inc GST / month

Twice a month spend 60-90 minutes with top mentors who have done it all.

The coaching call are fortnightly Tuesday at 7.30PM EST (Sydney/Melbourne) via Property Inc app.

Introducing our comprehensive program for individuals interested in growing their wealth through property: The Fast Forward Property Investor Group Coaching program provides you with the knowledge, guidance, and resources to navigate the world of property investing and achieve success.



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  • Live Calls:
    • 90 min group call – Hotseat once a month (3 people max per call 60 mins) , then “ask me anything” Q & A 
    • 90 min group call – Share one of our deals once a month, then “ask me anything” Q & A


  • Recorded Insights:
    • Instant access to all previously recorded webinars, presentations, and coaching calls.
    • Written Quick call summaries of each call, so you can scan through and get insights quickly. 


  • Online Group Coaching:
    • Melissa will be sharing inside the private group deals she is currently working on. You will get access to see how she structures them, how to do feasibilities, how to negotiate contracts with tradies so you are guaranteed to have projects completed on time every time. 
    • Private group coaching via our hidden group chat. You can access it online or on the easy to use app on phone or tablet. 
    • Direct access to Melissa and other coaches within the group throughout the week to use as a professional sounding board.
    • We bring in other experts who can speak on various topics such as; financing, accounting, legal, mindset, due diligence and more. 


  • Discussion Topics on the calls and in the group are:
    • Buying property in Super funds
    • Property Developments
    • Locations and finding hot spots
    • Not just finding the locations, but also how to find highly profitable deals 
    • How to deal with difficult councils to get approvals
    • Financing with your own money or using none of your own
    • Refinancing deals you already have can save you 10’s of thousands per year if you get it right, we show you how
    • How to create equity uplifts 
    • How and when to revalue properties 
    • Joint ventures for mutual gain
    • Doing feasibilities and other studies
    • How to get into highly profitable and easy storage projects
    • Why you should stay away from Syndicates 
    • What structures to use for maximum protection 
    • How to deal with property vacancy and how to fill them
    • How to buy into a safe purchase
    • How to negotiate in such a way that the other party loves you


  • Get access to our A-team of trusted contractors who we know do a good job:
    • Lawyers
    • Accountants
    • Whole range of different Financiers because there are many ways to finance 
    • Buyers agents
    • Conveyancers
    • Surveyors QTY and land  
    • Industry organisations
      • Storage
      • Construction
      • Hospitality
      • Tourism
    • Builders
    • Engineer
    • Hydrologists 
    • Environmentalists 
    • Traffic engineers 
    • Arborist 
    • Town planners 
    • Etc


  • Advanced Tools:
    • Free access to our online project management software, so you can easily manage your projects from go to whoa – for free for the first 50 people. This sells for $1,080 per year.
    • Free access to the Commercial Investing Insights Group, where our team hand picks the top commercial investments from around the country and posts them inside this private group to save you dozens of hours finding good deals. This sells for $1,080 a year.
    • Melissa records video deal reviews and shows why and why not to buy certain properties and what to look out for, plus how you can get massive uplift. 
    • Access to our calculators, checklists, and other resources that help you get deals done with more ease and profit. 


  • Live Events:
    • You have other opportunities throughout the year to come and spend more time with Melissa and other coaches. You get priority access and discounts to those. 
    • 4 days property investing bootcamp which is run twice a year. These always sell out and you get first priority on purchasing a ticket, plus you get it at a heavily discounted price. 
    • Twice a year Melissa runs a unique property event on a bus, where she tours you around and does live workshop on the bus while stopping off at locations so you can learn first hand what top property developers are looking for when buying. People who go on these tours say it’s mind blowing or game changing. These also always sell out and you get first priority on purchasing a ticket, plus you get it at a heavily discounted price. 
    • Once the group reaches volume we will organise in person Meetups, to talk about all things property investing over a wine or beer. 


  • Networking:
    • We facilitate online peer led group calls each week, so you can mastermind deals with others. 
    • Networking within the group – you will get access to other likeminded property entrepreneurs who you can learn from, share ideas with and network with. 
    • Learning all the big traps and mistakes that others have made will save you a huge amount of lost time and money. 


Its not for people:

  • Who just want to listen in and not do anything. People that whine, complain and make excuses for why they can’t do something. 


Live calls are fortnightly Tuesday, 7.30 p.m. AEST. 

12 month commitment.

Investment $880 per month, including GST. Or save $960 by paying annually. $9,600 per year, including GST. 



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